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First Global Energy privately owned global company operating from Dubai, United Arab Emirates with activities in various businesses across a wide range of countries. The company is led by Mr. Reyad Fezzani, a renowned energy and power executive previously Chief Executive of BP Global Wind & Solar and responsible for global deployment of over 1 GW of Wind and 550MW of Solar.

In short, the organization is well equipped with a strong network and extensive knowledge to operate successfully as an independent power generation company anywhere around the globe.


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Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Concentrating solar power (CSP) could supply a substantial amount of current energy demand, according to the study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. In the Mediterranean region, for example, the study shows that a connected CSP system could provide 70-80% of current electricity demand, at no extra cost compared to gas-fired power plants.

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UAE Renewable Energy Resources

The UAE has entered the renewable energy scene later than some, but has made it without leaving anyone doubting its commitment. However dealing with some remnant administrative inefficiencies, and with an aim to be a leader in renewable energy in the region, the UAE is presently reviewing and determining multiple incentive structures to encourage investment.

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Our Products

First Global Energy aims to be recognized as the best solar system design, contracting and construction company available with the greatest level of customer satisfaction in UAE and around the globe. Our company’s unique strength is its emphasis on quality service and quality products.

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